Our strength is identifying opportunities early, investing with conviction and speed, and managing assets effectively to realize value for our Investors.
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We specialize in properties which do not enter the market readily and are dealt in the closed market.

For example, information regarding auctioned real estate comes directly from the bank or attorneys then expert team processes due diligence in order to decide whether to purchase the property or not.

After purchasing the property, we monitor the actual market movement to build our strategies, immediately resell, resell after innovation or lease for a while then sell, in order to maximize the yield of the property.

Property Example

Attractive Hawaii Real Estate
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Best Tourist Destination

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and attracts more than 8 million visitors every year from all over the world. Not only from Japan but also from Australia, Korea and China began operating a direct flight and result of that, Hawaii is increasingly gaining popularity.
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Supply Shortage

Hawaii has a stable housing price that leads investment to gather from around the world. There is also a regulation of residential development, which prevents development to proceed according to plan. Therefore, creating supply shortage and the value of real estate keeps increasing.
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Large-scale Development

Due to supply shortage and influx of real estate money, large scale development has started. Ritz Carlton and other major hotel chains are scheduled to open in 2016 and currently proceeding with construction.

About Hawaii

Basic Info

  • Official Name:Hawaii(USA)
  • State Capital:Honolulu(Oahu
  • Population:140 million approximately
  • Area:16,000㎢ approximately
  • Race and Ethnicity:White, Asian, Others
  • Religion:Christianity, Buddhism, etc
  • Language:English, Hawaiian
  • Currency:USD


You can enjoy beautiful sunset and a romantic night view with significant others or you can participate in marine sports, yoga and hula with friends.

Highly recommended destination for family trips as well.
No matter who you travel with, Hawaii guarantees enjoyable environment and activities.

Hawaii is also known as shoppers paradise.
From large shopping centers to small boutiques, Oahu provides variety of shops for those who love to shop from all over the world.


Neverending summer is the image of Hawaii that majority of people have in mind but is relatively dry and breezy.

It is a popular destination for summer resort as well as for those who want to avoid hay fever throughout the year.

Most condominiums are vacation type of houses and high demand for hotels lead to a creation of new type of accommodation. Condotel is a combination of condominium and hotel.


Following 4 players are required in order to manage funds.

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Fund Originator
Rev Capital Fund Ltd was established in Bahama to provide an unique financial products. Rev Capital Fund will manage the fund and have responsibility to make a profit for clients.
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Property Management Company

Mainly Property Management Company will decide which property to buy and when to sell at what price. Also, they will prepare the report for Rev Capital Fund .
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Asset Management Company

Asset Management Company will take care of renting the house, collecting the rent, and other things related to daily operation of obtained houses and condos.
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Specialized in Real Estate in Hawaii
Rev Capital Fund has a partnership with a well-known lawyer team in Hawaii for property sales and aquisition. They are expert in real estate industry and back us up to run the operation smoothly and effectively.

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